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Company Profile




We are a growing team of web-based application developer for companies and industries specialized in Automotive Workshop System in Indonesia. With almost 20 years experiences in developing application, we believe that our applications are suitable for companies and industries in the country.

We have succeeded to grow with our clients and we strive to continue to grow with them. In other means, we give a hundred percent attention to our clients without having any differences in customer cares.



Why Us?


- Almost 20 years experiences in developing application for companies and industries.

- Using Web-Based technology that can operate in almost every operating system.

- Application developed according to company’s request.

- Inexpensive cost for hardware and software license.

- Price according to company’s needs.

- Users training during application testing.

- Application support for 24 hours.



Client's Objectives


- Giving quick and accurate information about company’s profit and loss.

- Giving information to the management to make decisions for the next steps.

- Managing and controlling the flows of company’s goods.

- Managing and controlling each transaction happened in every department.

- Employees more effective and efficient in working.

- Anytime and anywhere access (for on-line application).





- Collecting company’s needs

- Analyzing current operation procedures

- Making application modules

- Developing application

- Server and clients Installation

- Testing application

- Implementing application

- Maintenance